SkyBox Shipping

Through our skybox services, we receive packages on behalf of customers.  These packages are shipped out via air on the next available shipment. Once your order is shipped and cleared through customs, your package will now be available for your collection, or delivered to your desired location. Our Skybox Service is the best option for your online purchases you wish to receive quickly at a competitive price.

Ocean Shipping

Our Ocean shipments work basically the same way as our air shipments, with the one exception being that we require an email notification by the customer, upon purchasing an item that they desire the said item to be shipped via ocean While we need emailed invoices for ocean freight, the customers address for ocean will have a different  code. 

N.B If adequate prior notice is not given, we cannot ensure that an ocean request can be facilitated. Additionally all invoices must be made available before items can be shipped via ocean.

Ocean Shipments are the best bet for very heavy or large items that customers do not need urgently and wish to not incur the additional charges involved in shipping very heavy and large items via air.

Consolidation Services

We offer consolidation services on both Air and Ocean so you can combine multiple orders into one shipment. This service is to allow all your packages to be shipped, billed and delivered all at once.  How this works is that Consology will put the original packages together to be treated as a single shipment, thus giving you the billed rate as a total weight of the packages, and you will receive everything at the same time. Please see our FAQ's for further information on how to consolidate your packages. 

Credit Card Purchasing

This service we can offer for persons without credit cards but who still wish to purchase an item online or for persons who would like us to source and acquire a specialised item for them. We can purchase that item for you, ship, clear and deliver it to your door.